Fun Stuff!

Fun Ladies

Customers Dance Montage

Dee's Elvis Dance

Here at Buckboard Too, we like to entertain our customers while simultaneously curbing our boredom on slow days. One of the ways we do this is by dressing up in an Elvis costume and going outside to persuade people to come in. On this day, our most outgoing employee, Dee, wore the suit and began drawing a bigger crowd than any of us have ever achieved. We ran outside and got about 30 seconds of her moves which I then edited into a 1:30 music video. Enjoy it!

Ladies do Hokey Pokey in front of the store.

When we notice some people dancing to our music, we'll play the Hokey Pokey so everyone can join in.

Customer wipes herself with merchandise and puts it back

All of our employees were looking for the source of a bad smell in the store. Only after a traumatized girl brought us the hat she just tried on, we looked at our security footage...

Monique Gata Dupree visits our store

On October 1st, Gatlinburg held the 2011 Horror Weekend, so there were tons of stars of the horror genre walking the streets. Monique Dupree, who will be playing in the up-coming remake of Plan 9 From Outer Space did some shopping in our store.


This is the live cam outside the front of the store in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.Click here to view